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Capid Houser


Capid Houser is a Bristol based Digital Marketing Agency that provides strategic digital, search & social media marketing branding expansion services that work for companies in the form of expanding their overall presence on the internet through ongoing structured bespoke marketing campaigns. We also provide full scale Website Design & Development services along with Video Marketing that works in conjunction with Chatbot Marketing as a core component of Lead Generation and ongoing customer communications through email marketing.


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    Mercy Foundation Trust img 5

    Capid Houser [headed by Stephen C Campell] provided Website Design & Develpment services as well as Search Engine & Social Media Marketing to Mercy foundation trust [in association with www.chinedunkole.com] which is a UK based charity with a global focus, showing God’s love and generosity towards humanity; this is our greatest commandment — To love. Dear Capid Houser, this is to say a very big thank you for the excellent work you and your team did in designing and building my website: www.chinedunkole.com with the images and videos. Your ability to successfully display the ranking of the website within the search engines as well as publishing social media data is highly commendable. I have had really positive feedback from the website users. Kind regards Dr. C. Nkole

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    Martyn Smart [software test engineer at Airbus] img 5

    Excellent workshop on digital marketing today by Capid Houser rconducted by Stephen C Campbell : I’ve always been aware of digital marketing, but I’ve never looked at it any depth! This was a really good area of learning for me and has really opened my eyes on the 4 pillars digital of marketing and the importance of them to really make your business work. The workshop was excellently presented and looking forward to the next one. I would definitely recommend this type of workshop for any one that has a business, thinking of starting up one, that needs a push in the right direction, the right tools to use or just extra motivation to get things done!

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    Lowri Hughes img 5

    I recently attended Capid Houser's workshop : The 4 Pillars of Digital Marketing, and left feeling refreshed and informed. Stephen is a very enthusiastic teacher who clearly has a wealth of knowledge on this subject, therefore I highly recommend him!

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    Simon Francis Bellamy img 5

    Stephen hosted a excellent seminar with Paper Arts in Bristol. It was a thorough overview of forming a marketing plan / strategy before specifically talking about digital marketing. He was enthusiastic and engaging, and the seminar has helped my own project immensely.

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    Lisa Holloway img 5

    The training Stephen delivers is fast-paced but consultative so it is tailored for the individual and can go beyond the scope of the programme. This is very helpful and makes for an enjoyable course.

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    Bill Moore : Bill was Stephen C’s client img 5

    I had the pleasure of working with Stephen while I was living in England and he is not only a great man of integrity personally, he is a productivity expert... imaginative, practical and innovative - I highly recommend you talk with Stephen about how he can help you! J. William (Bill) Moore, COO aSmilingWorld

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    Carmen Carol : Author & Speaker, Events Promotion & Marketing, Lover of Soulful House img 5

    Carmen was Stephen C’s client : I would like to recommend Stephen Campbell unique creative skill as Director of Capid Houser Digital Marketing Services and his dedication to working towards helping people to change the way they think and how they do things. In 2007 I wanted to set up my PR company Patricia Rhema Events Promotion & Marketing. Stephen came alongside me and helped me with the branding of my name and the logo which I still use today. Patricia is my middle name and has never been used for anything so we did a bit of thinking seemed fitting to bring it to the forefront. Rhema means The Spoken Word. The second primary Greek word that describes Scripture is Rhema, which refers to a word that is spoken and means “an utterance.” So it's a word that gets our attention with application to a current situation or need for direction. So I wanted Patricia Rhema to promote local, national and international events, opportunities for the Church and wider community to the audiences in Bristol and beyond, so I wanted to fill a niche in the market place and provide a now word through its marketing. So the next step was to then be taken through a process of identifying my target audience, demographics, age, ethnicity, so I was taken through the benefits of segmentation. Stephen went as far as to help me purchase a computer and set it up. His company designed and developed our company website and all the other requirements needed. Based on the process outlined at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amLKmB1l--g. I learnt about and implemented Category Marketing, Marketing Segmentation and Channel Marketing into my business strategy. And important go to understand the true role of social Media and Digital Marketing as a Marketing Channel. I have generated income from my business and continue to get the brand recognition in the market place. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen for his professionalism and attention to detail. I can see Stephen continuing to use his vast international experience to benefit other businesses locally, nationally and internationally : )

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    Dr. Victoria Anderson : Dr. Victoria was Stephen C’s client img 5

    Founder at Cell Memory : Steve is a really helpful and knowledgeable marketing professional. He has extensive knowledge of digital markets and strategies, and is able to quickly assimilate specific company needs and strengths and match them to the market and its current directions. His knowledge spans various sectors, including education and professional development. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his company.

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    Kyle Hannan : Enterprise-level specialist in multimedia, webinar, and podcast production. : managed Stephen C directly img 5

    We've worked alongside Stephen at several media and marketing workshop sessions designed to help senior managers and executives across the SW UK. He blends a deep understanding of strategies with a hands-on, practical awareness of what it takes to make things happen, big or small. Whether working across a client's desk at C-level or with the customer-facing teams on the ground, he focuses his energies on showing how teams can use online media and marketing more effectively. When you work with Stephen, either as a client, a customer or a colleague, you'll find yourself paying more attention and trying to achieve more. Not everybody can offer that.